Easy way to reset auth

We have the issue were if our accesspoints get a sudden dip in power and disconnect it takes about 5-10 min for the data to reset so they can reauthenticate. is there a way to reset it so they can reauth quick???(error is client already connected??)

What Router OS version do you use now ?

6.39 at moment…

here is where the problem …

k so what version before that works??? 6.38??

6.38.5 works fine .

will test to check did the downgrade now

Update Splynx to latest 1.3 dev version, it’s fixed there now

apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade
apt-get install splynx-dev

Ok well i upgraded again…will check how it goes…

No guys this version is a no go…clients shows as online in splynx but pppoe is disconnected…what can i do???

EDIT: They reconnected now .If the ap’s drop…then it disconnects the pppoe but splynx doesnt check to see if the pppoe exists and then says its already connected??? then one has to wait 5 min for it to timeout and then they can reconnect.

Still having the issue guys happens more this time around… seems to be taking 7 min foir the radius to timeout could you please tell me were i can make it shorter???

it was sorted with update to 1.3 dev released 25th of May 2017