Customer Portal Invitation Email & Templates

How do you send customer portal invitation Email/SMS?

In the invitation(first login), is it possible to send a link where the customer inputs there own password instead of including the password in the email body?

An intuitive WYSIWYG editor in templates perhaps?

In development version (1.3) we have functional for password reset, so you can simple send login and link to reset (set) new password.

working on that :slight_smile:

When will the release of version 1.3 be? We are very anxious to implement new features!

Hello, you can implement the upload of documents visible to all customers at once?
I explain better, I would like to load a pdf that all customers can download, but I will not do it individually for each customer, but only once for all. Even for new customers, which are already loaded paper in his profile.
thank you.

Excuse my English, but google translate for me!


Could you please and this feature" Customer Portal Invitation Email function.?