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Time to consider Native HA - Active-Active or Active-Passive (3)
Status of Multiple CPE per Customer Feature (3)
Ability to Merge Support tickets (2)
Pay As You Go plan (4)
Permissions required for IP Resources (1)
Create API Method to Change Internet Service Tariff (1)
Freeradius 3.x support (9)
Conditional Rollover of Capped Data if Customer recharge before monthly expiration (2)
Send Email / Sms Notification On Service Suspension (6)
Administration Roles (1)
Cap data plan Top Up Validity Period required (1)
CPE Inventory feature request (2)
Cambium Networks integration (1)
Bonus Amount on Refill Card (1)
Customer Notes Display (5)
Feature Request Show Notes (2)
Feature Request, Customer Autorization (1)
Something nice from Splynx 2.0 (2)
More Statics of Clients Mikrotik (1)
Automatic KMZ Creation (2)
Feature Request : Ticketing | Internal Tickets tower/equipment etc (2)
FUP CAP Notifications (2)
Seperating web ports for customer and admin portals (5)
Feature Request: Ticketing | Departments, Roles, Teams (1)
Ticket System: 3rd Party Support Desk Integration(s) (1)
Feature Request: Reporting | multiple report requests (1)
Filter customer (1)
Feature request (Show/Hide column) (4)
Feature Required - SNMPv3 (3)
Splynx Custom Administrators Roles (12)